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Events & Tournament Schedule

Coming Soon!

Ready for a little friendly competition? We'll be hosting tournaments for foosball, pinball and a featured rotating arcade machine. Our Legends Leaderboard will have a running tab on high score and tournament winners. We'll post our tournament schedule once the arcade is open!

Image by Louie Castro-Garcia

Foosball Practice & Tournaments

Did you know there is a growing foosball community here in Olympia? It's our personal mission to widen accessibility and learning opportunities in competitive foosball. Rather than charging foosball by the game, we charge by the hour, such that anyone can come in and practice their passing or shooting. If you're unfamiliar and want to see what the world of competitive foosball is all about, come join a free beginner tournament, or join our free open-play nights to play against some of the best professional foosball players in the country! 

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