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Games Collection

Legends Arcade collection of games includes some of the greatest hits of retro arcade machines such as Pacman, Street Fighter, Galaga, WWF Wrestlefest, The Simpsons and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series. We even have some off beat favorites such as Burger Time, Crazy Taxi and Baby Pacman. There are also a few modern arcade games such as Minecraft Legends and 4 top Pong 3D. 

We have a growing collection of Pinball machines, both vintage (such as Pinbot) and modern premium (Stranger Things). We are always on the look out for new pinball machines, so come back to see what's new!

Legends Arcade wouldn't exist without foosball, owner Patrick's favorite pass time and competition of choice. Legends hosts 2 pro tables that is maintained regularly. You can rent a table for $5 for 30 minutes and look out for our regularly scheduled tournaments on our Events Calendar!


Lastly, Legends Arcade features Olympia's one and only bumper pool table. Come rent the table at $5 for 30 minutes. We guarantee it to be a new leisure game favorite!

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