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What is Legends Arcade?

Legends Arcade is bringing back that fun nostalgic feel of arcade life where one token can give you a whole adventure. With modern mood lighting, a good selection of brews, and a carefully curated soundtrack, Legends Arcade is a one-of-a-kind experience for all ages to game and socialize. 


In addition to our unique assortment of 50+ arcade machines (retro + modern), pinball and leisure games, we also feature a well stocked snack bar featuring canned beers, seltzers, and ciders, as well as a variety of juices and sodas. And our selection of chips, candy, and local goodies have your snack needs covered. 


The Legend of Legends Arcade

Legends Arcade was founded in 2022 by a husband and wife duo Patrick & Christina. Patrick, a competitive foosball hobbiest, was looking for a place to open up a foosball club with his friends. While he was away at a foosball competition, Christina came up with the idea to open up an arcade. From there, they put a plan together to open Legends Arcade in the city they love, Olympia, Washington.


Patrick and Christina are a fun loving, good-vibes-only team who have extensive experience in leadership, management and creating memorable experiences. They love that they get to work together again (they met running summer camps) and get to create something positive for their community to enjoy.

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